Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura Maido | Peru The Master Chef of the Nikkei cuisine, ranked 8th in the world's best restaurants
‎Chef Cary Docherty ‎Chef Cary Docherty Little Social | London The Chef who runs the Parisian bistro of chef Jason Atherton’s British empire
Chef Matteo Rizzo Chef Matteo Rizzo II Desco | Italy The chef of the Italian restaurant that holds a Michelin star for 30 years
Chef Stefano Colombo Chef Stefano Colombo Xemei | Spain The chef behind the hippest Italian restaurant in Barcelona
Chef Simon Hulstone Chef Simon Hulstone The Elephant | UK The British chef who wins all the international culinary competitions
Chef Andy Ricker Chef Andy Ricker POK POK | USA The anthropologist chef who brought Thailand to the USA
Chef Stevie Parle Chef Stevie Parle CRAFT | London The vibrant rising star of new British cuisine
Chef Alain Devahive Chef Alain Devahive Tragaluz | Barcelona The Head International Chef of the lifestyle Empire group of Barcelona
Chef Diego Muñoz Chef Diego Muñoz Lima The Peruvian chef who is ranked #14 in the world
Chefs Javier Goya, Javier Mayor & David Alfonso Chefs Javier Goya, Javier Mayor & David Alfonso TRICICLO | | Madrid The visionary young chefs with a sophisticated approach to traditional tapas
Chef Rafael Centeno Móyer Chef Rafael Centeno Móyer Maruja Limon| Spain The chef who put Galician cuisine on Michelin’s culinary map
Chef David Thompson Chef David Thompson Nahm | Bangkok The Aussie chef who received a lifetime achievement award on his Thai cuisine