Founded September 2010

Chef Phil Winser (owner) & Joe Capozzi

Kitchen creative Farm-to-Table

Atmosphere Casual, Fun, Intimate, Trendy

From the day it opened, The Fat Radish, situated in a vacant sausage factory, has become New York’s hot spot, where artists, actors, singers, fashion icons, celebrities and local foodies, come to dine (Michael Stipe, Jake Gyllenhall, Jeff Koons, Liv Tyler are some of its regular customers). They all quickly became infatuated with the restaurant Farm-to-Table kitchen, which sources the best possible ingredients from local farms and supports sustainable farming, building a menu based on seasonal vegetables and fruit, from which they make simple, healthy and creative dishes .

In less than five years, Phil Winser and Ben Towill,  the two Brits chefs- entrepreneurs and friends, conquered the capital of gourmet dining and become one of the ten best restaurants in the Lower-East Side, which received three out of Four stars in The New York Times. The  restaurateurs, who started out by selling sandwiches to offices, now operate Silkstone Hospitality Group- a catering and event planner company, that also consists of three restaurants – The Fat Radish, Leadbelly- an oyster bar with live music and East Pole- which is considered to be the mature version of The Fat Radish. Among its clientele one can find Bentley’s, Tori Burch and Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival.

Three years ago the two opened a Fat Radish pop-up restaurant in Paris, and due to its success, another restaurant was opened in a fancy castle in Rio an Brazil, during The World Cup. Chef Joe Capozzi joined the team to assist with the set up of the fat radish outpost in the hamptons, ruschmeyers, and has been with Silkstone Group ever since.

Signature dishes
  • Kale Caesar Salad, Anchovy, Croutons, Bacon, Egg
  • Celery Root Pot Pie
  • Beetroot and Swiss Chard Crumble
  • Scotch Egg Seeded Mustard, Cornichons
  • Carrot & Avocado Salad with Hijiki & Crispy Kale
  • Fat Radish Cheeseburger

One more thing Ben Towill - the chef who establish together with Winser the Fat Radish, used to be the superstar Gordon Ramsey’s right hand man.

Contact 17 Orchard St, NYC, 10002
+1 (212) 300 - 4053

"It's this idea that you never stop exploring. The key thing is just giving it a go and not being afraid of failure. It's an enjoyment for life — just getting people around a table."

Phil Winser

Chef Q&A Owner Questionnaire for Phil Winser

Phil Winser (owner)  & Joe Capozzi
Restaurant Secret:
There is no secret – just do it!
Three Favorite Ingredients:
Depends on the season; Fall – Pumpkin, Summer– Squash & Tomatoes
The Dish I Love Cooking:
A Sunday Roast
Most Exciting Moment in my Career:
Opening The Fat Radish
Best Cooking Advise I have Received:
Don't over think it
Person I was most excited to cook for:
Jamie Oliver, and my friends.
Guilty Pleasure:
Ice Cream
My Ideal Meal:
Pasta Pesto
Next ‘Big Thing’ in the Culinary World:
Getting healthy food to people all over the world
Best Restaurant:
Sergios Italian in Havana Cuba – the name is a secret!

Founded 2011

Chef Shaul Ben Adereth

Kitchen Chef restaurant

Atmosphere Casual & worm

After 18 years at Kimmel, one of the most stable culinary establishments in Tel Aviv, the self learned chef Shaul Ben Aderet searched for a challenge, and found it in opening The Blue Rooster – a rustic style restaurant in the heart of the new luxury high-rises in the city.

From the day it opened it had become one of the most talked about, photographed, instagrammed restaurant in Israel, who boasts a glamorous clientele of models, musicians, politicians and businessmen, that have turned it into their home away from home restaurant.

Its kitchen offers dishes that change on a daily basis, depending on the ingredients and the produce in the market, along with classic typical dishes of the restaurant and its’ chef expertise in French, Mediterranean, Balkan and Iraqi cuisine.

Ben Aderet, who is in charge of three other restaurants – Kimmel Tel Aviv, Kimmel Gilboa and The Asian “Mr. And Mrs. Lee”, has a catering service, hosts culinary TV shows, writes food columns and directs cooking courses – has lately added to his rich and colourful menu delicious vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Signature dishes
  • Mushroom risotto - Porcini stock, Parmesan and truffle
  • Fresh pumpkin salad - Nuts, cranberries, mint and Gorgonzola cheese
  • Fresh corn polenta - Cheese fondue, asparagus, Shimeji and Truffle mushrooms

One more thing The Blue Rooster was a major filming location in the reality Series “Meusharot” (“The Rich and Joyful”)

Contact 10 Nissim Aloni St. Tel Aviv

Chef Q&A Chef’s Questionnaire for Shaul Ben Adereth

Restaurant Secret:
passion, treats and perseverance.
My Three Favorite Ingredients:
olive oil, garlic, lamb.
The Dish I Love Cooking:
Shakshuka spinach.
Most Exciting Moment in my Career:
Cooking as a representative of Israels’ foreign ministry in Gala events on Independence Day in many foreign countries.
Best Cooking Advice I have Received:
Dream, do and taste every dish even if you’ve made it a thousand times.
Person/ or people I was most excited to cook for:
The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Former President Shimon Peres and for an injured Israeli soldier
Guilty Pleasure:
My Last Meal will be:
An IV and lamb.
Next ‘Big Thing’ in the Culinary World:
Mediterranean Vegan.
Best Restaurant:
My mother’s food every Friday afternoon; 20 pots of it and then an afternoon nap.