Founded March 2015

Chef Karlos Ponte

Kitchen Venezuelan-Nordic

Atmosphere sophisticated, original and fine

As its name suggests, Taller (Atelier in Spanish) is not just a restaurant, but a workshop where exciting culinary experiments take place. It’s based in Copenhagen and serves Venezuelan food that integrates Asian and Nordic influences.

The man responsible for this intriguing combination is chef Carlos Ponte (31), a native of Venezuela, who started the restaurant with two colleagues: chef Luis Moreno Peña (also born in Venezuela) and Jakob Brink Lauridsen (a Dane). They all worked together in the celebrated NOMA of chef René Redzepi and the restaurateur Claus Meyer. Carlos and Luis manned the kitchen, while Jakob served as senior waiter for four years.

The team, maintaining the same high standards and bubbling creativity that characterizes NOMA, have quickly transformed their culinary studio into one of the most talked about restaurants in Copenhagen: Taller was ranked 23rd on Best bars – Europe’s list of recommended restaurants in Copenhagen, and named one of the 16 coolest places to eat in 2016 by Forbes magazine.

The dishes served in Taller range from extreme minimalism to multi-sensory richness. They all echo the diverse Venezuelan landscape and ingredients, from its Caribbean shores, through the dense Amazonian jungles and up the towering Andes. All these influenced the local cuisine, which features unique fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood and fish with Latin and African flavors.

A fascinating combination for foodies who have already seen and tasted everything.

Signature dishes
  • Oyster Epazote - Oysters with mango and angostura.
  • Guanabana - Guanbana, avocado & mate.
  • Lechosa - Papaya ice cream, powdered blackberry, coffee & yoghurt
  • Vuelvealavida - Pickled scallops and hokkaido pure and sourdough flakes

One more thing Ponte and his father, Leopoldo - a media Professor and an award winning director - produced a documentary TV series titled “Des Cubiertos”. This travel series follows the Venezuelan culinary heritage, bringing together the various traditions and regions of this vast country. In each episode Ponte interviews anthropologists, writers, painters, biologists, chefs and other people, who explore gastronomic themes. At the end he cooks a special dish based on a recipe he picked up during the episode, which he injects with a modern culinary vision. All episodes are available for viewing online:

Contact ‏Tordenskjoldsgade 11 ‏1055 Copenhagen, Denmark

"It’s a restaurant that breaks the mold of the Copenhagen dining scene. You can’t really label it. Maybe the food is a Venezuelan-dash-nordic-dash-avantgarde-dash-something cuisine. It’s Karlos take on what’s next in culinary exploration."

Kasper Fogh Hansen,

Chef Q&A Karlos Ponte:

Karlos Ponte
My restaurant's secret:
tradition is the inspiration for modernism.
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
Cassava root, Shellfish and Aji Dulce
The dish I love cooking the most:
any dish with a stock that has cooked for a long time, and becomes an intense sauce
The most exciting moment in my career:
the day I opened Taller
The best cooking advice I have ever received: 
never feel comfort with what you do.
The person/people that I was most excited cooking for:
Esben Holmboe from Maaemo and my parents
My guilty food pleasure is:
Mast Brothers chocolate
My ideal last meal would be: 
Cachapa con queso de guayanes
The next 'big thing' in the culinary world is:
hopefully Latin America
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
I haven’t tried them all, but my best meals have been in Atera and Maaemo
In Tel Aviv I’m looking for:
have fun cooking and sharing flavors and ideas with the guest restaurant, and visiting the markets to learn about the traditional flavors profile and techniques.

Founded 2013

Chef Orel Kimchi

Kitchen classic-modern and creative gourmet

Atmosphere sophisticated and sensual

Popina, located in a stone-built house in Neve Tzedek, invites diners to observe the work done in the kitchen, while seated at the restaurant tables or at the bar that surrounds the beating heart of its meticulously designed space.

And there is plenty to observe; this creative kitchen is led by chef Orel Kimchi (33), one of the young talented Israeli chefs, offering a modern fine gourmet food. Kimchi’s cuisine, thoughtful yet fun, is based on the classics of world gastronomy served here in original versions with bold flavor combinations.

The restaurant’s menu offers unusual, double segments – separated by ingredients and by the various preparation methods used in the kitchen. Diners can choose to focus on vegetables, meats, fish and seafood, whether cured, steamed, baked, seared or going through slow cooking.

Kimchi’s star shined brightly in 2011, when he won the title of “world’s best young chef” (under the age of 30) in an international competition. From there he continued to train with Joël Robuchon in Paris, followed by a longer apprenticeship at the Arzak in San Sebastian. When he returned to Israel he led the Cavalier Restaurant in Jerusalem, and then swept Tel Aviv with Popina and his unique style.

Signature dishes
  • Gin&Tonic Tartar | fresh fish cubes, shallots, chives, cucumber, Wasabi Tobiko, Gin and Tonic jelly & green coulis
  • Shrimp burger | steamed bun, shrimp patty, Yuzu aioli, crispy lettuce & pickled red onion
  • Seafood pizza | blackened dough, goat cheese cream, chopped shrimps, scallops, spring onion & chili oil

One more thing Chef Kimchi recently bought his partner's share and became the restaurant's sole owner.

Contact 3 Ehad Ha'am St. Tel Aviv

"This is a professional, impressive and contemporary restaurant, which proves again - for the zilionth time - that the restaurant business is a profession."


Chef Q&A Orel Kimchi:

Orel Kimchi
⦁ My restaurant's secret:
It's all hard, daily, meticulous work
⦁ My 3 most favorite ingredients:
vegetables, especially root vegetables. Fish, particularly raw. And very surprisingly - also pullet
⦁ The dish I love cooking the most:
Gin & Tonic Tartar, a dish composed of many elements prepared separately and then assembled together. It always receives enthusiastic responses from customers
⦁ The most exciting moment in my career:
the moment the restaurant first opened its doors, there is nothing like the excitement of cooking in your own place
⦁ The best cookinadvice I have ever received:
cook as you make love
⦁ The person that I was most excited cooking for:
I am excited every evening
⦁ My guilty pleasure is:
kebab or pizza or anything else I grab at night, after closing the restaurant
⦁ My ideal last meal would be:
don't tell anyone, but probably hamburger
⦁ The next big thing in the culinary world is:
the transition of culinary techniques from the molecular cuisine to daily cooking. You can see that happening with new cookware, as well the development of interesting industrialized food, such as meat alternatives
⦁ The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
Eleven Madison, where I ate one the most delicious and special meals of my life