Founded 2013

Chef Marco Martini

Kitchen Modern Italian based on organic products

Atmosphere Unique

Placed in one of Rome’s forgotten locations, the Citta dell Altra Economica & Biomercato, a complex in a former slaughterhouse in Testaccio, sets Stazione di posta, a Michelin star restaurant owned by Pino Cau and is lead by Chef Marco Martini.

The Huffington Post characterize the place: “the restaurant and cocktail bar are considered part of an exciting explosion of new places, that have opened in the past years all over the city. helmed by a younger generation of Romans who are returning home after stints abroad, bringing freshness, modernity, genre-defying dishes and dining experiences to this ancient city”.

The charm of the spacious and generous construction, which combines antique and modern style, stole Pino Cau’s heart. He bought the space in 2012 and turned it into one of the most special spots in Rome: a space that encompasses an organic market, art gallery, a small cafe and Stazione di posta of course. Pino, the owner of a hotels and restaurants group, joined Adolfo Renzi, an organic farmer who owns a local farm, which supplies the restaurant with fresh organic and local products. A year later, he established a collaboration with Chef Marco Martini. The result of this wonderful partnership was a Michelin star given to the restaurant last year.

The restaurants menu changes frequently, according to the seasons of the year and the creativity of this innovative chef, who was chosen to be the “Best Italian Emerging Chef” of 2013.

Signature dishes
  • Negativo carbonara
  • Rigatone surf and turf
  • Peppers Ravioli rocket and burrata
  • Baccalà alla romana
  • Lamb curd, chamomile and blackberry

One more thing Stazione di posta has also been elected as the fifth best restaurant in Rome according to the Roma ne Piatto guide.

Contact Largo Dino Frisullo (Testaccio), Roma
(+39)06-5743548 | [email protected]

"Be prepared for an exquisite meal accompanied by outstanding service. Feel free to come here for cocktails too, it’s a brilliant place to enjoy a few drinks"

Chef Q&A Chef’s Questionnaire for Marco Martini

Marco Martini
My restaurant's secret:
Passion and fascination
My three most favorite ingredients:
Extra Virgin Oil, Vegetables, Pigeon
The dish I love cooking the most:
Steamed Ravioli, chicken and roasted potatoes and soup
The most exciting moment in my career:
When I received a Michelin Star
The best cooking advice I have ever received:
Never give up
The person/people that I was most excited cooking for:
Nobel Prize recipient Rita Levi Montalcini
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
Ristorante Piazza Duomo (Chef Enrico Crippa)
In Tel Aviv:
I hope to exchange knowledge

Founded June 2014

Chef Meir Adoni

Kitchen Modern Israeli Brasserie with a personal interpretation

Atmosphere Casual, wrapped in clean and luxurious style

Meir Adoni’s Kosher restaurant is the fourth of five of his. Adoni is considered to be the leading gourmet authority in Israel since opening his prestigious restaurant Catit at 2002, the flagship of his restaurants, all well-known for their creativity.

In Lumina, placed at the Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv, which is located on the beautiful sea front, Adoni – a beloved prime time celebrity chef – serves his own fascinating interpretation of a Kosher-Israeli brasserie.

The generous restaurant menu includes traditional dishes from the Jewish kitchen (Beef Tongue and Beets Salad, Jewish Tappas, Chopped liver spread) alongside contemporary Tel-Avivian dishes (Middle-Eastern Tartar, Brain Croissant, Romanian Bruschetta) and classical brasserie dishes (Fish and chips, hamburgers and fillet medallions).

And that is not all, Adoni also combines a variety of special menus like the Asian-Latino one and other culinary favorites that are his staff’s favorites. His right hand man in the kitchen and the acting-chef is Or Shapira.

Signature dishes
  • Israel – Japan | Red tuna tartar, black quinoa, shallot, soy vinaigrette and palm sugar, radish, green beans, almonds, dried apricot, mango, quail yolk
  • Streets of Tijuana | Charcoal grilled lamb, smoked cabbage, charred onions in honey and chili, black beans cream with smoked Chipotle , salted peanut caramel, lime salsa, H a b a n ero, garlic and mint
  • Lamb Spareribs | Roasted with honey and cumin, corn salad, grilled onions and cabbage, dates, walnuts, black beans, greens and cilantro scorched salsa, grilled vegetables vinaigrette
  • Beaches of Cancun | Sea fish sashimi, smoked black bean and chipotle creme, Uzbek dried apricot, avocado cream, garlic and honey aioli, banana plantain chips

One more thing Adoni also gained international recognition in the culinary world when his restaurants Catit and Hamizlala were chosen by London’s TimeOut as the most recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv in 2013. His cooking app "Look & Cook" was chosen by Apple to lead a global campaign. And in 2015 Catit was chosen as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world by the prestigious Guide Black Ink.

Contact Carlton Tel Aviv hotel, 10 Eliezer peri street

”Life is beautiful, full of brightness, passion and desire. That's how I cook and that is how I educate generations of cooks who surround me. Exciting food comes from absolute love of the world”

Meir Adoni

Chef Q&A Chef Questionnaire for Meir Adoni

Meir Adoni
Restaurant Secret:
Work and creativity that comes from passion and love and a will to touch everyone through food.
My Three Favorite Ingredients:
Olive oil, salt and pickled lemons.
The Dish I Love Cooking:
All of my interpretations of my late grandmother Masuda’s dishes, for instance my interpretation of her Harira soup.
Most Exciting Moment in my Career:
The day I opened Catit, 13 years ago.
Best Cooking Advice I have Received:
Cook, create and do only what you believe in.
Person/ or people I was most excited to cook for:
There is no one special person. I am excited to cook for every one who comes to my restaurant, especially for children.
Guilty Pleasure:
I have none. I try to eat healthy food on a day to day basis. But when I go to a restaurant I eat everything. There are no rules and therefore I do not feel guilty.
My Last Meal will be:
On the beach with my wife and children.
Next ‘Big Thing’ in the Culinary World:
A return to local cuisines that use local products, seasonal and fresh, with regional influences and contemporary interpretations. The future is a correct combination of the past.
Best Restaurant:
Alinea in Chicago