Founded April 2013

Chef Matt Lambert

Kitchen innovative New Zealand

Atmosphere casual fine dining

It took Chef Matt Lambert (35) just four months to receive a Michelin star for the creations he composes in the kitchen of The Musket Room, his New Zealand restaurant in the trendy Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan. “While he may be a Kiwi ambassador, Chef Lambert uses his understanding of very particular ingredients to craft dishes that are seasonal, delicious, and sometimes wildly creative,” concluded the Michelin Guide.

The restaurant’s name is derived from the history of New Zealand (the Musket wars), which for Lambert represent aspiration, adventure and discovery – values that are expressed in every plate: dishes that the British immigrants brought with them, combined with Asian influences and various ingredients found on the island, together with concepts he adopted in the US.

The Musket Room is housed in a beautiful 1899 building, and its elegant design – a long walnut timber bar, lime-washed exposed bricks, indigo leather sits, brass chandeliers and curved elbow chairs – won Restaurant & Bar Design’s “Most beautiful restaurant in America” award. Celebrities like Alicia Keys and Robert De Niro are some of the regular customers, who fell in love with the meticulous flavors of Lambert’s cuisine.
The chef imports most of the ingredients from the homeland (although sometimes the shipping is pricier than the product itself), and introduces New Yorkers to a new culinary culture.

Signature dishes
  • Quail, blackberries, bread sauce and roasted onions
  • Ōra King Salmon, Cloudy Bay clams and lemon
  • Chicken, yolk, morel, Parmesan
  • Steak and Cheese pie | beef filet | rooted vegetables
  • Passion fruit pavlova | strawberries | cream

One more thing Lambert and his partners funded the restaurant using savings and loans from family and friends, but 3% was raised through Kickstarter. In less than 20 days they surpassed their target and raised over $25,000.

Contact 265 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012, USA
(212) 219-0764

"Lambert brings his inspiration from his homeland and nature to the table, creating a unique experience of flavors for diners. Peppered with witty inspiration, Lambert’s cooking is at once cerebral and soulful."

New York Daily News

Chef Q&A מאט למברט

Matt Lambert
My restaurant's secret:
Make people happy
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
Ginger, butter, lemons
The dish I love cooking the most:
anything seasonal
The most exciting moment in my career:
Getting the star
The best cooking advice I have ever received:
Taste your food
The people that I was most excited cooking for:
Scarlett Johansson, Robert De Niro, Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys.
My guilty food pleasure is:
Turkey melts
My Ideal last meal would be:
Scrambled eggs with truffle
The best restaurant in the world:
Blue Hill Stone Barns

Founded 2015

Chef Aviv Moshe, Oren Ben Eliyahu

Kitchen modern Italian

Atmosphere lively entertainment

Quattro is a modern Italian restaurant by the Messa group, under the culinary leadership of Chef-partner Aviv Moshe and designed by international designer Alex Meitlis. The restaurant’s menu features chef Moshe’s vision, one of the top chefs in the Israeli culinary scene: a creative interpretation of his favorite dishes, combined with cooking techniques from Provence and the south of Italy.

The dishes served in chef Moshe’s restaurant are based on fresh ingredients of the highest quality, both local and imported from Italy, which transform the food into a celebration of textures, colors, aromas and flavors. This bursting creativity is also expressed in the decor, incorporating various elements and extraordinary designs by Israeli artists, like the central bar made of recycled cardboard packages of motorbikes. The restaurant won the 2016 Design Award

Signature dishes
  • Tartufo tortellini
  • Zabaione di foie gras
  • Pepe Nero

One more thing Chef Aviv Moshe is a celebrity chef in Israel: he hosts cooking shows in three different TV channels, wrote a column at "The Marker" Magazine, and published cook books

Contact 21 HaArba'a St. , Tel Aviv

"Its vivid colors awake the senses, both by design and with the dishes. The Quattro Restaurant - this modern Italian - proves that the way to Rome can also go through Tel Aviv."

Shamenet, Haaretz

Chef Q&A Aviv Moshe

Aviv Moshe, Oren Ben Eliyahu
My restaurant's secret:
an ensemble of elements related to design, atmosphere and food, and the way they all come together
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
vegetables, fish and olive oil
The dish I love cooking the most:
the dish I create at the moment
The most exciting moment in my career:
every moment that is new, like opening a new restaurant or creating a new dish
The best cooking advice I have ever received:
to understand the ingredients
The person/people that I was most cooking for:
excited my wife and her daughter
My guilty food pleasure is:
I'm addicted to street food - Sabich, kebab and falafel
My ideal last meal would be:
I find it hard to think about "last" meal or other activity
The next 'big thing' in the culinary world is:
if I knew I would have already cooked it
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
the restaurant you ate in and made you happy, the timing and the happiness you experienced at that moment