Founded 2001. Reopened in a new location in 2015

Chef Rafael Centeno Móyer and Inés Abril

Kitchen Modern Galician

Atmosphere Easy going and original

Chef Rafael Centeno (42), who heads Maruja Limón, is a genuine phenomenon: a completely self-taught chef, who accidentally came into the kitchen of his wife’s restaurant (while a different cook was in charge), and a decade later received Vigo’s only Michelin star. furthermore , he was listed as one the 100 best chefs in Spain by Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía.

The restaurant, named after Centeno’s mother in law (Limón is an homage to an old, famous Flamenco song), operates for the past 15 years in the Galician city of Vigo, located on the Atlantic coast near the border with Portugal. In the late 90s, after Centeno’s Olympic career abruptly ended with a knee injury, he was searching for something; he joined his wife’s restaurant as a manager, until he heard the story of the renowned restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Cataluña and realized he found his vocation: “I was mesmerized and eager to learn everything. I spent hours training.”

Centeno discovered the philosophy and complexity of the culinary world, and developed a huge passion toward it. Today, together with his right hand – chef Inés Abril, who participated in the Spanish 2014 Top Chef – the restaurant offers a fresh, light, richly flavored and textured interpretation on local Galician cuisine, with its abundance of fish and seafood (befitting Europe’s largest fishing port).

The menu is updated every few months, based on the available seasonal ingredients – the real stars of the restaurant: “I want to capture the nature of the produce in my dishes. To create a simple cuisine with Galician roots, which relies on the freshest ingredients, offered every day on the market. The use of sauces and condiments is always minimal, because I want to ensure that the original flavors remain clear and distinct.”

His aspiration certainly paid off: in 2010 the restaurant received a Michelin star, which maintains up to this day.

Signature dishes
  • Fish marinated in berries
  • Veal gizzards and braised cherries
  • white seabream (sargus )with melon, lemon and lime
  • Ricotta cheese, white chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

One more thing The restaurant offers an intimate open-kitchen area for 14 people (reservations only), designed for adventurers: you don't know who will sit next to you, and more importantly - what will be served - until you arrive and taste whatever the chef feels like preparing before your eyes.

Contact Montero Ríos, 4-36201 Vigo, PO (Spain)
+ 34 986 473 406

"Maruja Limón continues to stand out for the originality of the dishes, excellent presentation and quality of the products, which have made it worthy of the only Michelin star in Vigo."

La Voz de Galicia

Chef Q&A Rafael Centeno Móyer and Inés Abril

Rafael Centeno Móyer and Inés Abril
My restaurant's secret:
to do what you love and be good at it
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
passion, respect and olive oil
The dish I love cooking the most:
any kind of fish
The most exciting moment in my career:
last year, when we opened the new Maruja Limón. But I think the most important has yet to come
The best cooking advice I have ever received:
the Michelin star
The person/people that I was most excited cooking for:
the first time that I cooked for my kids in the restaurant; when I saw their face while eating it was a special moment
My guilty food pleasure is:
My ideal last meal would be: 
my mother´s cannelloni, it should be a licensed patented
The next 'big thing' in the culinary world is:
to end world hunger
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
I still have to taste some, also in Israel
In Tel Aviv I’m looking for:
to see a different culture and have a different experience

Founded 2010

Chef Yonatan Berrebi

Kitchen modern Israeli

Atmosphere romantic and casual

Liliyot restaurant is one of Tel Aviv’s top culinary institutions, offering a modern, kosher Israeli gourmet cuisine at its best. The restaurant championed the use of the best ingredients available, featuring a fresh, creative approach to the Mediterranean cooking tradition. It is one of the most celebrated kosher restaurants in Israel, winner of the “best kosher restaurant” award of Time Out Tel Aviv in 2007-2011.

Liliyot is also famed for being a socially-oriented restaurant with a moving mission. The restaurant provides culinary training to youth at risk, believing that one can create a real change in Israeli society only by providing practical tools, which allow people to support themselves with dignity. Thus, Liliyot provides disadvantaged youth 18 months of training in the kitchen, after which they will have a genuine profession, to keep them out of the streets.

Signature dishes
  • Spicy eggplant filled ravioli with marrow in Filfel Chuma butter, pickled lemon with cayenne pepper and coriander
  • Veal sweetbreads in tempura with cashew gnocchi in a beef, cream, fresh peas and raisins sauce
  • Hot smoked Salmon with leek and shallots confit, roasted beets on salt and Brazil and macadamia nuts aioli

One more thing Chef Berrebi grew up in kitchens. After his military service he went to study in France. This paid off 15 years later, when he co-founded the famed Fauchon in Israel.

Contact Asia House Complex, 2 Dafna Street, Tel Aviv

"The fact that I can give these kids the opportunity to succeed in life, just when all the institutions have given up on them, is an amazing gift....this is what I wake up for every morning, and why I come to work with a smile and a feeling of satisfaction."

Yonatan Berrebi

Chef Q&A Yonatan Berrebi

Yonatan Berrebi
My restaurant's secret:
The hard work we all put in to always be the best kosher restaurant in the country
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
offal, eggplant and coriander
The dish I love cooking the most:
Spaghetti Bolognese. A seemingly simple dish, consisting of about 50 ingredients that must go through a slow, procedural cooking until it reaches the point of perfection
The most exciting moment in my career:
when I was chosen to be the head chef of Fauchon in Israel
The best cooking advice I have ever received:
Cook more, bitch less
The person/people that I was most excited cooking for:
a holiday meal for all the kids at the Shanti House
My guilty food pleasure is:
Oreo cookies and almond milk
My ideal last meal would be:
The next 'ig thing in the culinary world is:
vegan food with a strong emphasis on health
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
Le Bernardin by chef Éric Ripert in New York