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Chef Diego Muñoz

Kitchen contemporary Peruvian

Peruvian Chef Diego Muñoz (40) is a meteor in the global culinary scene. A graduate of the Cordon Bleu, he worked at the world’s best restaurants, including Mugaritz in San Sebastián and the renowned El Bulli in Cataluña.

After spending 15 years in the world’s best top kitchens, he decided to go back to Lima, where he established his home and culinary heritage: “my food is Peruvian, multi cultural, meticulous and constantly evolving,” he explained. And so, three years ago, chef Muñoz filled the huge shoes of chef Gastón Acurio – the legendary chef and owner of Astrid & Gastón, who is considered to be the “King of Peruvian cuisine” (look for the documentary about him – “Finding Gastón”, it’s fascinating). Muñoz has achieved the impossible when he raised the restaurant’s ranking from #42 to #14 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

In January, at the height of his success, he decided to leave Astrid y Gastón: “I had to go out and try new, liberating things, after so many years in ultra professional kitchens,” he said. Muñoz decided to take a year off and travel the world in search of inspiration. Armed with his knife set, his loyal sous-chef Emilio and homemade chili paste, he cooked and explored 7 countries.
And yes, Tel Aviv was a part of his journey, during the preparations for Round Tables.

Muñoz has only recently opened Peruvian Bistro 1111 – a new restaurant in Miami, where he serves classic dishes with Asian influence. His new bistro features affordable dishes and a casual approach, allowing him to introduce the crowd to Peruvian cuisine.
He is currently busy with his new restaurant in Peru, scheduled to open in December.

Signature dishes
  • Ceviche Nikkei, Amberjack, octopus and cucumber
  • Salmon fillet in miso, chicken confit salad, avocado cream and quail egg
  • Oxtail, correct shrimp and Tamales cream
  • Dentex fillet, Dashi, corn and chili
  • Pina colada Cachanga | Crispy pastry, passion fruit cream, coconut, roasted pineapple, vanilla ice cream and cream

One more thing Chef Muñoz likes to construct his menus around people and human stories. At Astrid y Gastón he used to change the menu every six months, and introduce about 30 new, beautiful dishes. Inspired by childhood memories of the candy vendor who parked in front of his school and sold sweets, he created sweet entrées: shrimp cookies and anchovies meringue.



"My vision is to tell the world the story of the Peruvian cuisine. I still have so many things to explore and discover about its origins, and I'm going to enjoy every moment."

Chef Diego Muñoz

Chef Q&A Chef Diego Muñoz

Diego Muñoz
My restaurant's secret:
Great quality ingredients
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
fresh fish, salt, potatoes
The dish I love cooking the most:
simple dishes again and again, until I got them right
The most exciting moment in my career:
Leading Astrid&Gaston and taking it to where it is now - was very exciting of course.
The person/people that I was most excited cooking for:
My family
My guilty food pleasure is:
chocolate, it comes in seasons, sometimes I need it around all the time.
The next 'big thing' in the culinary world is:
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
There are so many great Restaurants, that give you amazing experiences of taking gastronomy to a different level. Is hard to put them in line. **

Founded November 2011

Chef Haim Cohen

Kitchen Israeli chef

Atmosphere Elegant and cozy

Chef Haim Cohen, one of the most respected and well known chefs in Israel of all times, encompasses in Jaffa Tel Aviv all his passion for cooking and hospitality. Chef Cohen is the owner and chef of three successful restaurants. He helmed the mythical Keren restaurant for 17 years, wrote cookbooks, guides and  participated in many cooking programs. Currently he stars as a judge on “Master Chef” TV program. In Jaffa Tel Aviv he invites the diners to enjoy his cuisine, that had a major impact on the culinary language in Israel – combining local and seasonal ingredients with French cuisine cooking and serving methods. Gourmet and traditional family dishes – this is the exact meeting spot between Jaffa-Tel Aviv.

The menu of Jaffa Tel Aviv usually changes on a daily base, depending on the freshest ingredients. In the heart of the restaurant stands an imported Tabun oven, which improves and gives marvelous taste to vegetables, meat, seafood and makes the bread crisp.

Diners are invited to sit on the recycled furniture, by the carpet covered walls (designed by the star architects Baranovitch Kronberg), in front of the open kitchen and enjoy the hustle and bustle, the smells and sights – and witness the art of food’s preparation. Probably, the best show in town, by the favorite chef in Israel.

Signature dishes
  • Seasonal vegetables roasted in a tabun on Tahini (Mt. Bracha)
  • Salad Junam – torn roots and leaves in lemon juice and olive oil
  • Crab Burecas
  • A whole Grouper in a Tabun with white wine with tomatoes, onions and green beans
  • Knafeh

One more thing Jaffa-Tel Aviv is considered as a wine restaurant thanks to its two sommeliers and a private wine cellar, in which there are about 1,000 bottles, some exclusively imported. Every year it sells more than 10,000 bottles.

Contact Electra Building, Yigal Alon St. 98, Tel Aviv

"Food is not only a necessity, it is a joy, a source of comfort, a way to express love and passion. but most of all, food connects people and creates an experience"

Chef Haim Cohen

Chef Q&A Chef Haim Cohen

Haim Cohen
My restaurant's secret:
All the people who work with me love the restaurant. Even those who leave it.
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
Olive oil, salt and fire.
The Dish I Love Cooking:
Pasta with tomatoes and garlic for my family.
Most Exciting Moment in my Career:
At the age of 55 there were so many, I cannot remember.
Best Cooking Advice I have Received:
To cook only what I like to eat.
Person/ or people I was most excited to cook for:
For my friend Eli Landau.
My Guilty Pleasure:
To wipe the oily bottom of a macaroni Hamin pot with a piece of bread.
My Last Meal will be:
Next ‘Big Thing’ in the Culinary World:
I cannot foresee the future but what I wish for is food that is put on a plate without a fancy setting.
Best Restaurant:
There is no one restaurant. At the right time, with the right woman, and the right scenery, every restaurant can be the best in the world. Fortunately I have been to quite a few of them.