Founded 2005

Chef Thorsten Schmidt

Kitchen modern Nordic

Atmosphere elegant and modern

Malling & Schmidt, led by chef Thorsten Schmidt and his wife, designer Rikke Malling, is considered a pioneer of Nordic regional cuisine, alongside the iconic NOMA. Despite its location – in the outskirts of Aarhus – the restaurant became an attraction by itself.

Dubbed the “Nordic Alchemist”, Schmidt is always exploring, focusing on the connection between geography, nature and culture. His inspiration lies on his doorstep: in the wild, unpredictable nature of Jutland, where he maps ingredients from forest, soil, lake, ocean, island, smoke, fire, air, earth, grain, herbs, scents, all combine into his dishes in an exciting harmony. His food is sensual and authentic, marries the pyrotechnics of molecular gastronomy with the pure aesthetics of Danish design.

Schmidt grew up in the Jutland peninsula and studied in Germany and France, where he unfolded the culinary secrets of the gastro-masters: a deep knowledge and understanding of nature, the land and its produce – the regional terroir. His attitude, deeply rooted in local, sustainable ingredients, allowed him to secure a host of culinary awards over the years, including Chef of the Year in 2006. During his career Schmidt developed the menu for Denmark’s Olympic team, and orchestrated the celebratory dinner served at the Royal Danish family wedding.

His kitchen, where he produces gourmet, is also a research and discovery lab; Schmidt plays with ingredients and textures, challenges the concept of “edible” and constantly aims to stimulate his guests with new discoveries.

Signature dishes
  • Line caught trout with seaweed.
  • Lobster and rosehip with poached egg yolk and fermented flower juice.
  • Rusty nails with chocolate and licorice.
  • Venison tartar with forest herbs and balsamic of wild berries.
  • Creamy ice cream in freshly cut wood.

One more thing Schmidt's culinary creations were launched into space. Andreas Mogensen, the first Danish astronaut, brought an original takeaway to the ISS: A three course gourmet meal for 9, prepared by Schmidt during a fascinating, complex process full of technical challenges (which he described at TEDxESA). The menu consisted of beef brisket served with cabbage and onion, caramel cream with rhubarb syrup and meteorite chocolate cookies concealing a message from the astronauts' loved ones. The check: 65,000 Euro.

Contact Grenåvej 127, 8240 Risskov, Denmark
+45 86 17 70 88

"Thorsten’s mental gastronomical playground is a place where anything can happen. Rules are broken, textures are invented, concepts are improved, and produce adapted; Chef Juan Mari Arzak once told me that in order to be creative, you must think like a young child. Now that I have children of my own, I finally understand what he meant: A child is without prejudice, ready to learn new ways, always driven by a natural curiosity. This is the best way I can describe Thorsten.”

Chef René Redzepi, NOMA

Chef Q&A Thorsten Schmidt

Thorsten Schmidt
My restaurant's secret:
Its new location.
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
Home made spices from Nordic herbs, fermented sauce, and not really an ingredient, but a way of cooking ­ anything bonfire cooked.
The dish I love cooking the most:
Lobster & rosehip with poached egg yolk and fermented flower juice.
The most exciting moment in my career:
Opening Malling&Schmidt and the a pop up in Japan.
The best cooking advice I have ever received:
‘Learn the craft (first) and quickly find yourself’.
The person/people that I was most excited cooking for:
Narisawa, in Tokyo.
My guilty pleasure is:
My ideal last meal would be:
The meal would be secondary; The most important thing would be the people sharing the meal with me.
The next 'big thing' in the culinary world is:
Your next restaurant.
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
There is no such thing as a ‘best restaurant’, not only one, but a bunch of people, chefs, trying to make a difference.

Founded 2008

Chef Uri Steinberg

Kitchen French Asian

Atmosphere a European colony in Asia

At the entrance to one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful boutique hotels lies the elegant colonial restaurant Hotel Montefiore. It became a culinary stronghold since its inception, one of the finest in town. A perfect gastronomic experience delivered by the R2M group, Tel Aviv’s top restaurateurs.

This French cuisine, seasoned with Vietnamese charm, is led by chef Uri Steinberg (33), who has been working in R2M group’s restaurants (“Israel’s best cooking and restaurant business school) for over a decade. The restaurant serves classic dishes prepared using fine local and imported ingredients, as well as special weekly dishes, depending on the season.

Signature dishes
  • Shrimp, Cellophane Noodle, peanuts, coriander
  • Small Nams, “Cha-Gio”
  • Spare-Ribs, spicy pumpkin
  • Crispy Chicken Vietnam

One more thing The restaurant's famous brunch offers an innovative take on culinary classics, and is considered a weekend must stop for every true Tel Avivian. No matter when you arrive, this is the place to see and be seen by trend setters and businesspeople.

Contact 36 Montefiore St., Tel Aviv

"An illustrative lesson in precisely how to run a restaurant that takes itself (and more importantly, its customers) seriously."

Chef Q&A Uri Steinberg

Uri Steinberg
My restaurant's secret:
we don't just serve, we host
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
olive oil, lime and bacon
The dish I love cooking the most:
Lasagna – numerous techniques, steps and flavors, but also the most homey and comforting
The most exciting moment in my career:
the first time I was told I'm going to run a kitchen
The best cooking advice I have ever received:
everything is easy, you just have to give it a try
I was most excited cooking for:
the first Seder meal I cooked for my family
My guilty food pleasure is:
cinnamon Danish.
My ideal last meal would be:
Ramen soup in Japan with my partner
The next big thing in the culinary world is:
the depths of the ocean
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
Da Fabrizio in Rome