Founded 2007

Chef Peter and Sonja Frühsammer

Kitchen A Modern interpretation of Classical Mediterranean and Southeast Asian cuisine

Atmosphere A casual atmosphere, with a certain tranquility

Here’s a story you do not hear every day: German chef Peter Frühsammer received a Michelin star at the early age of 25, and was considered to be a meteor in Berlin’s culinary world, but even then he preferred to host the guests in the restaurant and select the wine for them. In 1998 he met Sonja, his second wife, who worked with him in a gourmet catering service. In 2007, they opened the restaurant Frühsammers together. Sonja took charge of the kitchen, and Peter handled the service. After only seven years she received a Michelin star of her own and became the only female chef in Berlin to receive such a high honor.

Sonja is well known for her cooking methods that include the use of the best ingredients combined with clear textures and flavors. She is considered the Queen of Gourmet in Germany and one of the 12 leading restaurateurs in Berlin. she was the first female chef nominated for the prestigious title of “Master Chef”and was also chosen as “the new promise of Berlin’s restaurant scene” by the Ministry of Tourism of Berlin. on top of,  she was the first chef to receive the highest score of 17 by the famous French guide Gaultet Millault.

The emphasis in her kitchen is on vegetables, fruit, grains, seafood and other ingredients from the region, which she uses in varied kinds of techniques; dishes such as beef shoulder roasted on a charcoal grill, smoked vegetables and smoked fish cooked over a low flame and fermented sauces.
While Sonja prepares the food in the kitchen, Peter takes care of the customers and manages his prize winning wine cellar. That’s what we call – a power couple.

Signature dishes
  • Cottage dumplings, Apricot, Almond and Tonka beans
  • Halibut with Yellow beat, Red cabbage salad with Wasabi
  • Lamb and peas with mint on Polenta and Parmesan
  • Carpaccio of langoustine with Green Almonds and Paspierre

One more thing The Restaurant is located in the bright and spacious former living room of Fritzi Massari, a famous actress of the 20´s, in the grounds of the Grunewald Tennis Club.

Contact Flinsberger Platz 8 (Nahe Hohenzollerndamm) 14193 Berlin

"She Is the real star. I cooked enough time with my wife to know that she is better than me"

Peter about his wife – “Berliner MorgenPost”

Chef Q&A 10 Questions for Sonja Frühsammer

Peter and Sonja Frühsammer
My restaurant's secret is:
That I work with my husband.
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
Fun, concentration and teamwork.
The dish I love cooking the most:
A dish of Pasta for my family.
The most exciting moment in my career:
Receiving a Michelin star.
The person that I was most excited to cook for:
Jürgen Dollase, an influential restaurant critic in Germany.
My guilty food pleasure is:
Sea food.
My ideal last meal would be:
Anything from the kitchen of Top Chef Carme Ruscalleda in Barcelona.
The next 'Big Thing' in the culinary world is:
Something that will surprise us.
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
I was never in the US or Japan so I cannot really answer that.
In Tel Aviv I’m looking forward:
To meeting different cultures and interesting people, and having many new experiences.

Founded May 2007

Chef Adir Cohen

Kitchen Local with influences from all around the world

Atmosphere Prestigious but tranquil

Herbert Samuel opened on the sunny beach of Tel Aviv eight years ago and became one of the most successful restaurants in Israel. The celebrity chef Yonatan Roshfeld, who was in charge of it, searched for the most riveting cuisines in the world and presented them with his own interpretation.

The menu which is combined of dishes and half dishes, was one of the first which puts the dishes in the center of the table, a system that enables to assemble an entire meal while tasting from a variety of the best produce.

The view of the Mediterranean sea from the restaurants’ window completes the unique ambiance of the space, as does the bar in the center. On the second floor is the spectacular kitchen that leads to a private dining area overlooking the beach.

Since its’ establishment Herbert Samuel has won TimeOut Magazine’s Restaurant of the Year and Chef of the Year awards. It has also been added to Tripadvisors’ Hall of Fame.

Signature dishes
  • Herbert Samuel Tomato Salad with Tulum Cheese and oragano
  • Canaluni milk veal. Scallop, black risotto and green garlic cream
  • Chestnut gnocchi and 36 month Parmesan
  • Sashimi Tuna “Killer”

One more thing Young chef Adir Cohen who took the reigns from Roshfeld was the acting chef in the restaurant for the last two years. He began cooking at the age of 15 and has already served as an intern int the London Restaurant Nobu.

Contact 6 Koifman St. Tel Aviv

Chef Q&A Chef Questionnaire for Adir Cohen

Adir Cohen
Restaurant Secret:
Maintaining a combination of authentic cooking methods and innovative techniques , while ensuring the freshest and the best ingredients.
My Three Favorite Ingredients:
Turnips , shoulder of lamb and black lentils.
The Dish I Love Cooking:
Brousette of lamb seven hours in the oven.
The Most Exciting Moment in my Career:
Every moment that I’m in the kitchen is an exciting moment for me.
Best Cooking Advice I have Received:
Yonatan Roshfeld told me that not every dish that makes it to the table is hot/cold/spicy/tasty.
Person/ or people I was most excited to cook for:
Recently for a small and intimate wedding
My Guilty Pleasure is:
No comment.
My Ideal Meal:
A slice of good bread with butter and salt.
The Next ‘Big Thing’ in the Culinary World:
Abstract food, classy and not a gimmick.
Best Restaurant:
San Sebastian de los Reyes in Madrid.