Founded 2014

Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten and Jeremy Ford

Kitchen Latin dishes with a contemporary twist

Atmosphere super sexy and ultra designed

Jean- Georges Vongerichten (59) is one of the most famous chefs in the world, leading a global empire of 32 restaurants in Las Vegas, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and of course – his New York flagship restaurant, the 3 Michelin starred “Jean Georges” (since 2006).

In the two decades that have passed, no other chef has had similar influence on the New York restaurant’s scene: he pioneered the combination of classic French cooking and Asian techniques, and was the first to do it in a highly fashionable atmosphere, offering an experience that expanding well beyond the plate.

The talents of chef Jean-Georges are not confined to the kitchen; he is a restaurateur, a shrewd businessman and the one who develops the concept. His ability to create restaurants that manage to be both contemporary and timeless is also reflected in his attention to details: the decor, the staffing and the training. Jean-Georges constantly adds new ideas, and draws inspiration from his travels. Some of the most famous culinary ventures he founded are: VONG – influenced by his passion for oriental spices, with dishes boasting over 150 different herbs; Spice Market – that became an international chain following a partnership with the trendy W hotels; The Mercer Kitchen – in the heart of Soho, which was one of the first restaurants in Manhattan to offer common tables, a concept that remained popular to this day.

In 2014, in the midst of a series of meteoric successes, Jean-Georges opened The Matador Room, a restaurant at Miami’s chicest spot, The Edition Hotel, owned by entrepreneur and hotelier Ian Schrager (owner of the iconic Studio 54, and the father of boutique hotels). In The Matador Room he gives a contemporary interpretation to Latin dishes from the Caribbean, Spain and South America. Its seasonal menu echoes the hot, trendy streets of Miami Beach.

The Matador Room – an elegant, sleek 1950’s Supper Club – preserves some of the original glamorous decor. The design and the breathtaking view of the ocean capture the city’s sensual vibe. The restaurant’s head chef is Jeremy Ford (30), an autodidact who spent half of his career in leading restaurants in the US. Ford, the winner of the recent season of “Top Chef” (by Bravo channel), will visit us in Israel.

Signature dishes
  • Avocado Pizza with Jalapeno Pepper, Cilantro, Lime and Onion
  • Crispy or Griddled Florida Black Grouper Tacos Aioli, Cabbage-Chili Pickle
  • Royal Red Shrimp in “Agua Diablo” in Banana and Almonds
  • Sweet Pea Guacamole with Warm Crunchy Tortillas

One more thing Less than a month after it opened, CNN named The Matador Room as the most talked about restaurant in Miami, where you can dine next to celebrities like Linda Evangelista and David Schwimmer.


“Jean-Georges invented America's answer to nouvelle cuisine.”

Chef Mario Batali

Chef Q&A Jeremy Ford

Jean Georges Vongerichten and Jeremy Ford
My restaurant's secret:
believing in every associate
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
Fresno chili, passion fruit, lime
The dish I love cooking the most:
sourdough halibut, vegetable tian, creamy morels
The most exciting moment in my career:
winning Top Chef
The best cooking advice I have ever received:
“you have 2 weeks to get better or your fired”
The person/people that I was most excited cooking for:
Jean-Georges & Greg Brainin
My guilty food pleasure is:
all things junk food i.e.: cheese burger, tacos, fried goodies
My ideal last meal would be:
tasting menu at Jean-Georges
The next 'big thing' in the culinary world is:
Clean eating
The best restaurant in the world in my opinion:
In Tel Aviv I’m looking for:
to experience a culture I've always wanted to know more about

Founded 2011

Chef Shaul Ben Adereth

Kitchen Chef restaurant

Atmosphere Casual & worm

After 18 years at Kimmel, one of the most stable culinary establishments in Tel Aviv, the self learned chef Shaul Ben Aderet searched for a challenge, and found it in opening The Blue Rooster – a rustic style restaurant in the heart of the new luxury high-rises in the city.

From the day it opened it had become one of the most talked about, photographed, instagrammed restaurant in Israel, who boasts a glamorous clientele of models, musicians, politicians and businessmen, that have turned it into their home away from home restaurant.

Its kitchen offers dishes that change on a daily basis, depending on the ingredients and the produce in the market, along with classic typical dishes of the restaurant and its’ chef expertise in French, Mediterranean, Balkan and Iraqi cuisine.

Ben Aderet, who is in charge of three other restaurants – Kimmel Tel Aviv, Kimmel Gilboa and The Asian “Mr. And Mrs. Lee”, has a catering service, hosts culinary TV shows, writes food columns and directs cooking courses – has lately added to his rich and colourful menu delicious vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Signature dishes
  • Mushroom risotto - Porcini stock, Parmesan and truffle
  • Fresh pumpkin salad - Nuts, cranberries, mint and Gorgonzola cheese
  • Fresh corn polenta - Cheese fondue, asparagus, Shimeji and Truffle mushrooms

One more thing The Blue Rooster was a major filming location in the reality Series “Meusharot” (“The Rich and Joyful”)

Contact 10 Nissim Aloni St. Tel Aviv

Chef Q&A Shaul Ben Adereth

My restaurant's secret:
passion, treats and perseverance.
My 3 most favorite ingredients:
olive oil, garlic, lamb.
The Dish I Love Cooking:
Shakshuka spinach.
Most Exciting Moment in my Career:
Cooking as a representative of Israels’ foreign ministry in Gala events on Independence Day in many foreign countries.
Best Cooking Advice I have Received:
Dream, do and taste every dish even if you’ve made it a thousand times.
Person/ or people I was most excited to cook for:
The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Former President Shimon Peres and for an injured Israeli soldier
Guilty Pleasure:
My Last Meal will be:
An IV and lamb.
Next ‘Big Thing’ in the Culinary World:
Mediterranean Vegan.
Best Restaurant:
My mother’s food every Friday afternoon; 20 pots of it and then an afternoon nap.