About us

Following the huge success of the first Round Tables by American Express festival held in 2015, with 10,000 diners and the pleasure of participating chefs – it was decided to transform the festival into an annual tradition, and increase its reach.

So what’s on our plate?

In November 2016, 13 new international restaurants from the forefront of the sizzling global culinary scene will arrive in Tel Aviv, braking the boundaries of gastronomic experiences. We will travel all the way to the intriguing cuisines of Latin America (Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela), jump over to the best restaurants in Asia (Bangkok and New Delhi), make a stop at classic Europ (Paris, Madrid, Geneva), and for dessert we will take a bold step into the creative Nordic kitchen. 3 Danish chefs will participate in this year’s festival: 2 of them are associated with NOMA, the iconic restaurant of the Nordic kitchen (and the culinary world in general).

The 2016 Round Tables by American Express festival highlights the sense of living in a global village: the Australian chef David Thompson won a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to Thai cuisine; the Danish chef Kamilla Seidler is dubbed the queen of Bolivian cuisine; chef Matt Lambert brings New Zealand’s cuisine to New York; and many more fascinating stories of gastronomic dialogue between cultures, which will arrive to Tel Aviv.

To make sure that the dining experience is as authentic as possible, each restaurant sends a 3-4 people team to Israel, led by the head chef of every restaurant. Before the festival begins, the hosting chefs spend a training period in the restaurants abroad and commence the preparations for the meal several months in advance.

The hosting restaurants in Israel – those who took on the challenge of learning and performing – are some of the leading in Israel: Taizu, Jaffa Tel Aviv, Thai House, Coffee Bar, Hotel Montefiore, The Norman, Popina, Nithan Thai, Pastel, Chloelys, The Blue Rooster, Quattro, and for those who want kosher – the wonderfully social Liliyot.

Who’s coming for dinner?

The Israeli foodies are invited to taste and experience new cuisines, surprising culinary techniques and flavors that previously required a passport, flight tickets and days off – all offered at a fixed price of 279* ILS per meal or 239 ILS for American Express card holders (plus a first cocktail by Grey Goose, French super premium vodka, for a special price of 25 ILS).

Please note: in two restaurants – Taizu and Nithan Tai – the meal price will be 319 ILS (279 ILS for American Express card holders).

Booking and purchasing of seats to restaurants are required to be made in advance on this website only, using credit cards.

*the price covers a full tasting meal, including entrées and dessert, in a format decided by the restaurant. The price does not include beverages.

What’s for dessert?

There is more than just great food on our minds (and in our bellies). The Round Tables by American Express is a cultural project, an honorary member in the gastro-diplomacy world, which advocates cultural, economic and political dialogue through gastronomy, maintaining that “The easiest way to win hearts and minds is through the stomach.”

We are proud to embrace the international chefs with warm, happy ‘Tel-Aviv style’ welcome, and introduce them to the multi cultural and ethnic culinary heritage of Israel. In return we get an extraordinary introduction to international excellence and a fruitful dialogue, whose influence transcends borders and time.

And who is stirring the pots?

The Round Tables by American Express dish is cooked up by the restaurateur Yair Bekier, an entrepreneur and former partner in Israel’s leading restaurants, alongside Nirit Weiss And Maya Karvat – co-founders of a communication & content agency specializing in hospitslity premium brands.

Other partners in this hustle and bustle are: American Express, the main sponsor of the event, who provides its customers reduced prices and high priority; Grey Goose, French premium vodka, which accompanies the festival with a special cocktail menu for each restaurant; the Golan Heights Winery, which fits fine local wines to every menu; the naturally sparkling water brand ferrarelle; Dan Hotels that provide the perfect accommodation for the chefs; Argel that supplies us with professional restaurants equipment; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Tel Aviv Municipality; and the Ministry of Tourism.

And of course, the most important partners: the top chefs, kitchen and floor staff of all the participating restaurants – hundreds of professional, dedicated people with a burning desire for great food.

So come eat with us – in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and many more languages.

The world’s best restaurants are waiting for you in November here in Tel Aviv.

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Y.N.M Round tables Concepts LTD
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